Tony Chocolonely - Sweet Solution
We were commissioned by Tony Chocolonely and HERC in Amsterdam to create a manifesto animation to push people to sign a pledge focused on getting the big chocolate manufacturers to switch their supply chain focusing only on slave free cocoa producers.
Tony's created look-alikes chocolate bars with a twist. They’re made very differently, using Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles tackling poverty, unfairness and exploitation in the cocoa supply chain.

The four Sweet Solution bars prove that all chocolate, whatever shape, size, or flavour, can be enjoyed guiltlessly this way.
BUCK had 2 weeks to create the 60" animation below from scratch. The film created a giant uproar and pushed thousands of people to sign Tony's pledge focusing on awareness and aiming to inspire the whole chocolate industry to act and also granting us a Grand Prix at the Dutch Creativity Awards.
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