We were approached by Scholz & Friends in Berlin to create a magical ice cream made world featuring some of their best selling deserts, new flavours and at the same time paying homage to the classic McFlurry Machine.
We worked with an incredible team of illustrators, art directors, 2D and 3D artists, editors and online compositors together bringing this dreamland to reality.
The campaign is composed by four films (one for awareness and three product lead ones) and a toolkit of 3D created assets/ image composition for print and POS

Production Company: BUCK
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Full Credit list:
ECD - Vincent Lammers 
CD - Richard Gray
ACD - Chris Markland
EP - Emily Rickard
HoP LA - Sunny Sattari
Snr Producer - Marcela Ferri 
Prod. Coordinator: Lara Arikan
Art Director - Fabrizio Lenci 
Designer: Sandro Rybak
                 Sol Lee
                 Yana Abramova
                 Dan Muangsprasert 
                 Trey Holt
                 Jong Lee
Storyboard Artist: Tinghe Yang
CG Supervisor - Alex Dingfelder (LA),¬†¬†JoaŐÉo Rema (AMS)
CG Lead/ Animator - Adam Webber
CG Animator: Daniel Whitaker
                      Joakim Ekstroem
                      Trevor Kerr 
                      Mohammed Elderkawi

CG Modeler: Alfonso Petersen
                     Chloe Tu 
                     Sonal Jadhav

Lighter: Eugene Goryachev 
             Joshua Studebaker

2D animation (lead): Daniel Rodrigues
                                 Joe Brooks
Head of Post (LA)Paal Rui
Lead Editor/ Compositor:  Ben Rohel

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