There’s a power—and, inevitably, a risk—in going against the grain, and Marcela Ferri knows it all too well. A self-described unconventional child, she found a welcoming community within the LGBTQ nightclub culture of various places, and realized that through traveling, she could continually reignite her curiosity for different pockets of culture around the globe.
“The idea of being fixed to a land always felt weird, and wealth to me means time and knowledge, so traveling and spending time amongst people from different cultures was always part of the plan even before I even knew about it,” she says. “I always wanted to see the world you know?”
One of these many trips landed Ferri in Los Angeles, where she photographed drag queens in West Hollywood and created moving GIFs of each performer. From her time with the queens, Ferri learned invaluable lessons—in power, fearlessness, and personal freedom.

Milk Magazine - March 2018
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