One day my heart was broken.

So badyly broken that I didnt even know where to start looking for the pieces to put it back together again.

After almost 2 years of searching for answers to everything I was feeling, the constant sense of loss and the urge to make sense of it all, I impulsively decided to trust a complete stranger who was willing to drive me all the way to Salvation Mountain in California.

With my not so great FBI skills, I obviously went through a 'background check' with only a few key questions, just to be sure that everything was ok, you know..

'I have to ask you something...'
'Are you crazy?'
'Hm yes, but Im not a psychopath'
'ok - where should we meet'
'at this place at 8am'
'ok see you there'

And that was the beginning of a journey that would bring me many of the answers Ive been looking for so long, the most important of which was that the pieces I was trying to find and put back together are still here...

Im still here.
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