Highland Park Whiskey
We were commissioned to create the first animated films for Highland Park Whiskey.
The idea was to take the audience through a voyage of senses highlighting each note containing on their 10, 12, 14 and 18 years old whiskey flavours across four different films.
Below, you will see three stages of each film:
- The hero canvases we've had to create for each flavour
- Animation overview showing how the simulation for each element would play on each film
- The final product.

10 year old

12 year old

15 year old
18 year old
Production Company: BUCK
ECD: Vincent Lammers
CD: Richard Gray
EP: Chance Woodward
Senior Producer: Marcela Ferri
Designer: Yana Abramova
                 Christo Silveira
                 Arron Ingold
Stil Compositor/ Artist: James Levy
                                     Nathan McKenna
CG Lead/ Sup: Jo√£o Rema
Technical Director: Kevin Weber
                               Alex Doss
                               Jacktone Okore
2D Lead: Joe Brooks
2D animators: Mathieu Dellabe
                        Albert Oriol
                        Bernd Bousard
                        Andreas Maris
                        Andreas Cuevas
                        Taylor Griggs

Editor: Robert Bailey
Lead Compositor: Ben Rohel
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