AT&T - Back to School was a campaign created to celebrate the amazing moment when we were finally all out of the house and ready to go back into our school routine.
The animations highlight situations as the awkwardness of a handshake after so long, the transformation from our "pandemic" homeschool outfits to our school, looks and a sweet joke seeing parents quickly getting their kid ready to go so they can enjoy some "me time".
Production Company - BUCK
Production Company - BUCK
ECD: Vincent Lammers
Art Director: Simon Buijs
Senior Producer: Marcela Ferri
3D Lead/ Sup: João Rema
Lead Designer: Mijke Coebergh
Designers: Yana Abramova
                   Christo Silveira
                   Bernd Bousard
3D Design/ model and rig: Sonal Jodhav
                                             Manon Sailly
3D Animators: Christine Jaudoin
                         Céline Chotard
2D Lead animator/ Director: Daniel Rodrigues

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